How To Gain A Competitive Edge During Exhibitions

Attending trade shows is an exceptional way to advertise to a specific market and create brand awareness. Although it has its benefits, there are risks involved. It’ll require a good amount of time to prepare for and there will be a lot of competition. Nevertheless, exhibitions are a great way to promote your product and your company. When done the right way, trade show displays will inspire visitors to learn more about your company and leave a good impression. If you’re a first-time exhibitor it’s important to understand the different types of booths and space available to you. With knowledge, focus and some creativity, you’ll be able to stand out with trade show activations! Check out this life-size giant statue we made of the Final Fantasy Chocobo – people got to ride it at 2016’s E3 for a photo!

Shell Scheme or Space Only 

During trade shows, you’ll be offered a shell scheme package or space only. Shell scheme is a modular exhibition stand system that are often built as a rectangular shape. In most cases, the shell scheme is very basic. With a little imagination, a simple shell scheme can be personalized and enhanced to stand out against others. If you’re given a space only package, you’ll be provided with an area on the exhibition floor and are restricted to that spot. Since it’s an empty space on the floor, you must provide everything. WAYPOINT, a video game marketing agency, can help you transform your simple shell scheme package or space only into a fascinating exhibit that’ll get noticed and help you distinguish yourself from others. You can find more information on stands and displays here.


More on Shell Scheme Package 

Every exhibitor starts with the same blank canvas. A shell scheme package usually includes the frame, walls, carpet and lighting. The walls are often bare and there is a fascia board with your company name. Exhibitors simply arrive, install their own graphics and visuals and set up their equipment. To fill the empty space exhibitors will add pop-up systems and/or banner stands. Everyone starts out the same, but that doesn’t mean the final outcome has to be the same. Shell scheme stands are easily customizable and can be transformed into something special. Here are some suggestions that can help your exhibit get noticed.

  • Order shelving, storage rooms and other things that can be built from the shell scheme stand.
  • Add simple graphics with simple, clear and uncluttered messages and images. Choose vibrant colors or colors that match your corporate colors. Make sure your graphic panels incorporate your theme and branding well.
  • Change the color of the shell scheme carpet/floor. It’s a simple, cheap and effective change that can help you stand out.


Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays are perfect for large shell scheme or space only. They add to your exhibit by catching the attention of visitors and informing prospective customers about your company.  There are numerous types of pop up exhibition stands available, such as fabric pop up stands, pop up towers and pop up backdrops. They come in several dimensions and are customizable.Pop-up-display

Why Pop Up Stands?

  • They are extremely easy to assemble since they use a retractable system. You simply pull your banner from the base and slot a telescopic pole into place and you’re good to go.
  • They are durable and designed to last. The base of a pop up stand is very strong and provides additional support to the whole stand. The frames of most pop up stands are some form of aluminium meaning it is not only light for transportation but sturdy for display. The materials used to manufacture the banner are strong and engineered to avoid wrinkling. Curl resistance is a basic amenity of most signs.
  • Pop up stands are very easy to store and won’t take up much space at your office. They are lightweight so they are easy to take down, transport and carry. They will fit into your car and can be easily carried through an exhibition hall. You can use pop up stands regularly at different exhibitions and trade shows without any hassle.
  • Pop up banners are narrow and high so they will not take up much floor space. This is important because during exhibitions, the space provided to you will not be very big.
  • These portable booth displays are also created with tailored images or text that allow companies to target particular demographics. You can have multiple pop up stands that target different customers.

Stand Accessories

The items inside your space are just as important as the graphics and texts on the walls. Having a professionally designed shell scheme, space only or pop up stand is a good start, but it’s the accessories that will take your booth to the next level. Here are some accessories you may want to include during exhibitions.

  • A freestanding iPad. The iPad can be rotated to display portrait or landscape. It’s stylish and it can be used to show customers your website, a video or to collect data.
  • Display counters. They are a great way to effectively display your products.
  • Lighting. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to make your exhibition stand out. It’s easy to install and can complement the graphic design helping the colours to really catch the eye. Lighting is also adjustable so you can choose the area you want customers to focus on. Overall, lighting makes your stand more inviting.
  • Brochure display. Stacking brochures on the countertop is boring and sometimes ignored by people. Freestanding literature or display stands are functional and appealing to the eye. They’ll enhance the look of your stand and bring attention into your marketing material.
  • Branded tablecloths. They are an excellent way to improve the look of your exhibition stand. They are a low cost accessory and promote your brand and give your company a professional look. In addition, this is a nice way to add color to your stand.
  • Desktop Banner. Also low cost and pair nicely with branded table cloths. Like pop up stands, they’re customizable and easy to assemble and transport.

WAYPOINT has years of experience managing awesome trade show activations from E3 to PAX to Fan Fests. Feel free to reach out with any questions or request a quote!

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