Product Photography Editing

Photoshop is mainly known as the software for editing photos. Each tool has its own function that can be used to alter and create images. It is possible that two different tools can help you achieve the same task as well. I’ve used this software to achieve screenshot enhancement, mockup dummy boxes, booths, brochures, and much more. Below are before and after shots of product photography, where I have removed the logo using multiple tools.

The main tools used to accomplish these results were the Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, and the Paint Brush tool. Anytime I used to paint over a certain area, I added a blur to smooth out the surface, making it blend in more with the background. Cutting and pasting with the Lasso tool allowed me to reuse parts of the image to cover up the logo, this played a major role when it came to hard edges since the healing brushes may not help with the same accuracy.