WAYPOINT is hiring! Production Coordinator position, Los Angeles

We are a tight-knit, growing and agile Creative Services Agency in Los Angeles, specializing in creating top-tier marketing assets for clients in the video game industry.

Every day is different and there is no shortage of diversity both in terms of our clients and our projects. From videos, print, digital, collectibles and everything in-between, we tackle it all. But we also make sure to have fun doing it. This isn’t a position for those looking to drop in and check out. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then we want to hear from you!

This position does not require tons of experience. Management will act as a mentor as you develop the correct skills and reflexes.



  • Communicate with teams daily to accurately capture the various needs and implications of projects and timelines
  • Coordinate traffic – task and resource allocation, workloads, etc. – for these projects, overseeing the life cycle of a project from start to successful completion and delivery/fulfillment to client
  • Monitor time, tasks and work for all team members and projects
  • Route approvals and changes through various teams and management, assisting in change order creation as needed
  • Create and maintain centralized production schedules
  • Work closely with management to ensure all projects stay within specified budget; detailed accountability of spend when third parties are involved
  • Follow up with management on invoices for projects



  • A passion for the game industry
  • A good juggler of projects with timely responsiveness to business needs and demands
  • Good working knowledge of Excel/Numbers
  • Eye and head for detail and cost control measures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in dealing with internal staff, business partners and customers
  • Self-motivation and deadline-driven focus



  • Work is not work; it’s your livelihood; it’s that thing you do because you can’t believe you get paid to do it
  • Your to-do list is a challenge of your creativity, not an obstacle to your happiness
  • Ideas energize you; you thrive in sharing them and are driven by them
  • If you can’t be passionate about what you do and with whom you work, what’s the point?
  • You believe in partnership on all levels with your team and the client
  • Time and timeliness matter, but you have no patience for clock-watchers
  • Details are never to be ignored
  • You believe a positive work environment and culture fosters team spirit
  • Personal and agency growth and profit objectives are only achievable when shared by all
  • You’re not afraid to speak up, but know when it’s best to have your message heard
  • You believe in an upbeat and positive attitude to get the job done
  • Getting results with your team is your measure of success
  • A dynamic and evolving environment is never boring
  • Agency life is a customer service profession
  • There’s a solution around every corner and you’re not afraid to look



Salary: $40,000 ($35k w/out exp.) Other Pay: Merit and Annual Increases
Type: Full-Time (40h) Education: A Degree
Job Type: Production Coordinator Experience: 0-1 years
Industry: Video games Location: Los Angeles, CA
Resume & letter to: hr@waypoint.la Starting: ASAP


BENEFITS (*Full time) 


3+ months

  • Nespresso coffee and hot/cold spring water
  • Leisure activities on work time (gaming, driving range, escape rooms, etc)
  • The occasional lunch!
  • 7 days paid vacation + 3 days sick leave
  • Medical plan
  • Paid holidays

12+ months

24+ months

  • Start accumulating 9 days paid vacation + 3 days sick leave
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Company paid cell phone plan


It’s like Diner Dash but better