Carcassonne, Switch Launch Trailer

Developed for the Nintendo Switch by Asmodee Digital, Carcassonne is a beloved tile-based board game about building a medieval landscape. Players expand the map with different tiles while trying to score the most points. When creating this live action video game trailer, we wanted to highlight gameplay features for newcomers and veterans alike. We overview the basic rules of the game, while showcasing the UI elements that translate the game to a digital medium. The other big focus of our live-action trailer was the social aspect of the title. The Nintendo Switch’s portability allows friends and family to play together anywhere. We wanted to showcase the fun and competitive nature of the game through the UI elements appearing in our live-action shots too. The music choice of this trailer was a difficult element to pin down; we chose a track that felt modern but also in-line with the medieval setting of Carcassonne. In creating this launch trailer, our biggest challenge was showcasing all the in-game content while staying true to the tones and themes of Carcassonne.