Guild Wars 2, Making the Griffon Statue

At PAX East, we created a larger-than-life model of the Griffon from Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Similar to our Final Fantasy XIV Fat Chocobo, we wanted this giant statue to be an experience for fans, as well as a decorative element for the tradeshow. Fans were able to hop on the Griffon and take photos riding atop of it. In creating the statue, we had to be careful about the logistics for getting on, as well as the engineering constraints of making sure it was stable, safe, and accessible. In this epic timelape video, you can see the entire creation of the statue: from the initial steel frame as the base, adding the individual body parts, and painting the Griffon to bring it to life. If you’ve got an epic monster in your next video game release, reach out to us about doing a giant life-size statue at the next big tradeshow!