Gundam Gunpla Warfare, 3D Trailer

Fantasy meets reality in the trailer we created for Bandai Namco’s Gundam Battle Gunpla: Warfare mobile app. This mobile app game trailer blends live-action video with high quality 3D animation of a giant Gundam mech assembling in the city. We wanted to convey the sci-fi aspects of the Gundam universein this trailer, and show how this game brings Gunpla battle to the palm of your hand. We launch into gameplay featuring multiplayer connectivity, custom mech design, and the in-app social aspects where you can share your custom Gundam designs with other players via augmented reality. The mobile AR feature was a huge focal point of this trailer, since this game update now allows players to creatively express themselves through gunpla customization and AR photography. We loved working with the Gundam brand and bringing Barbatos to life in this mobile app trailer.