Hero Syndrome, Website

To help with the launch of Big Rook Games’ Hero Syndrome, we designed and developed the game’s official promotional website. Given that the game was still in pre-launch/beta, we designed key factors about the site to convey this information. The top navigation bar sections are separated into Trailer, Story, Multiplayer, Development, and Media. Next to these items, we included a large visible callout button to “Join the Beta”. We wanted to make sure that no matter who was visiting the site (fans, publishers, etc.), all relevant information and links about the game was clearly accessible. We even included a button that linked to the game’s Discord community! Other special features include an interactive photo gallery with animated backgrounds, and animated hero section, and a beta subscription mail sign-up. In terms of style, we were able to tap into the neon cybernetic art style of the game to create layouts with strong contrast and identity. Check out the site at https://herosyndromethegame.com/. Building a strong and cohesive website is essential for promoting the launch of your next title.