Power Rangers BFTG, Website

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a new 3v3 fighting game that released in April 2019. We worked with nWay to develop the pre-launch site for the game to drive engagement and hype. The game’s site worked to promote the title, share the latest news updates, and allow fans to pre-order all on one website. We wanted to create a modern viewing experience complete with a responsive scrolling parallax, looping animations, and live social media feed. We knew that Battle for the Grid would be competing with the current top fighting games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so we wanted to visually highlight all the different aspects and features of the game. With our sister company, SUPERCRITICAL, we also built the pre-order shop page. It allowed fans to directly pre-order either the Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition for PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC/Steam, or Nintendo Switch on the site. You can check out the website at battleforthegrid.com.