Zone of the Enders, VR Space Booth

Nothing drives emotion like nostalgia, so when the Zone of Enders team came to us to design a booth for them, we knew this would be a big one to nail! The challenge when working with old school games isn’t trying to bring a new world to life, but creating something that lives up to the hype of fan memories and sentiment. At a big marketing event like a convention or expo, your booth is a great way to grab the attention of the audience you want to have, and you should utilize every inch of space provide to make that happen. We wanted both original fans of the game, and potential new players to take notice, so we needed a timeless design that could speak to the OG gamers, but also be modern enough for today’s climate. It wasn’t difficult for us to agree on a VR experience and get to work. Our talented WAYPOINT team of carpenters, designers, and artists came together to design an immersive experience for fans to experience interactive Zone of Enders gameplay right from the showroom floor! *Concept Only*