Hi there!, my name is Juan Sebastian Muguruza, but everyone calls me Mugu.
This week we’ll start with a new section on Trick’s blog that will be called #trickplays, as its name suggests, we’re gonna tell you what games are we playing at the moment, this week is Battlefield 4.

Well, if you don’t know it, Battlefield is one of the biggest FPS franchise out there and on this iteration of the saga it’s all about blowing things up and damn it feels good. I’m mostly playing it with friends on hardcore servers and

it’s been really great since the last patches fixed the tickrate issue. BF4 uses also a new iteration of the Frostbite Engine, Frostbite 3.

What I liked about it:

  • It feels a little slower than BF3, which I think it’s a good thing, it reminds me to the older Battlefields.
  • Graphics are just outstanding, hands down the best modern-warfare-like Multiplayer FPS to play if you’re looking for eyecandy.
  • It seems like the developers tried to pursue teamwork over individual gameplay, at least more than on BF3.
  • Levolution, a new feature from Frostbite 3 that brings giant scripted and physics based destruction to the maps. It’s really amazing and can be useful in some circumstances.
  • As always, the most fun you can get from it, it’s when you play it with friends, try do it if you can.
  • Weapons and vehicle customization it’s fucking great.

What I didn’t liked:

  • I hate the Premium based model. The DLC’s are great, though.
  • Some weapons feel too overpowered and others very underpowerer. Most people use pretty much the same guns with the same customization.
  • On PC it taked too long to get a solid state, at the beginning the tickrate just sucked and there were major issues/bugs with performance.

What I think that could’ve been improved:

  • Levolution it’s a great idea but I think that the way they implemented it ends up being too repetitive or just or too obvious.
  • Soldier customization could’ve been more deep, like weapons.
  • The squad matching with friends kind of sucks sometimes.

It was worth my time / Should you play it?:

Of course. I think right now Battlefield 4 it’s a really solid FPS (my favorite at the moment) and it’s great even for people that doesn’t like them too much.


Eventually, that will come down.

I’m flying!

I hope you don’t have vertigo.


Say hello to my little friend.

War is dirt. At least on BF4.