How to Create a Video As A Part Of A Campaign Series

Video content is gaining massive popularity in digital advertising and marketing. Companies are well aware of the importance and effects of video illustration content for their marketing campaigns. According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, over 54% of consumers preferred watching videos from businesses than any other type of content. Videos capture the attention of the audience and personally reach out to them. However, script writing and producing videos for your campaign series can be a tough task. Here are some tips that will help you make entrancing videos for branding your company.

Writing tips for video production.

These writing tips will guide during the script writing process for the video and help you tackle writer’s block.

  • Captivating start

No audience likes a video that has a slow start. Not only does it fail to capture their attention, but they also form negative views about the company or the product. Indeed, you must have heard the saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” Therefore, you must put your creative writing into full use. Start with something catchy; it could be a metaphor or a combination of other literary figures. Starting your video by asking the audience a question, for example, “have you ever wondered how the gameplay trailers are made?” will immediately catch the viewer’s attention.

Dull starts will cause you to lose viewers immediately. They won’t continue watching the live action video even if the rest of the content is exceptionally good. This won’t increase your sales, and thus all your efforts go down the drain. 

If you have them hooked from the start, it’s smooth sailing from there. Ensure that your script’s opening lines are not marketing your service or product in a straightforward manner. The consumers will think that your company is coming off too strong, which can be off-putting for them. Having a clickbait start can also boost the number of viewers.

  • Expand your literary horizons

As a writer, don’t be shy about making use of comic elements to attract your audience. Incorporate your wit and sarcasm in your creative writing. Witty comments keep the audience engaged and even impressed. The interest in your brand will certainly build up among them. Furthermore, it will also make the script writing process exciting for you.

You don’t have to necessarily make use of sophisticated and complicated words to entice your audience. Keep the language of the script short, precise, and professional. Your target audience needs to understand what you’re trying to convey. This can be possible with the use of simple yet efficient language. Since the video is going to be short, you will need a couple of lines in the script that accurately represent your company and product. 

  • Body of content

Your job isn’t fulfilled by just writing a strong start. The rest of your content should be as enticing as the start. One such way to do so is by thinking about the use of the product or service from the consumer’s point of view. This helps you get a better grip on understanding the product or service, which ultimately enables you to improve your creative writing skills. The body of your video should precisely contain the relevant information about the product to market it subtly. However, don’t make it too stuffy as it comes across as complicated, which will confuse your viewers, therefore, failing to market your product or service.

  • Revise your script

No one gets it right the first time. Take your time and finish writing your first draft. Read through the initial draft multiple times to highlight the parts that you could improvise on. In the long run, constant revision and editing develop your script writing skills. You can also share your draft with colleagues, experts, or your boss to get a second opinion on your script. The feedback acts like constructive criticism for you. Edit your draft based on the external input and personal ones to solidify your content. You can stop the revisions once you’re satisfied with the quality of content. 

  • Powerful ending

The ending of the video or TV commercial should be as mesmerizing as the starting. You can’t just conclude by saying things like, for example, “buy our best products”. It is generic and bland. Even if you had the consumer in the first half, they probably won’t buy your commodity after the ending. Combine your creative writing with a call to action or CTA to persuade them to choose your brand. Some ideas for an interesting finish would be to directly ask the consumer if their current product is as good as yours. It will generate curiosity among the viewers, which will also boost up your sales. Brainstorm with your colleagues and come up with an intriguing ending for your product endorsement script.

How to produce your video for your campaign?

Writing a script for your ad campaign is the first half of the job. The second part is where the process gets trickier. Now that you have written your script, it’s time to get the production wheels turning.

  • Equipment

To make a top-notch quality video, you will need an array of equipment. Generally, these machines are expensive, but they are vital for making the video. This helps to give your consumers a cinematic treat. Make wise investments while purchasing such devices. Do your research and find out about the best companies that sell animation and motion capture equipment at low prices.  

  • Storytelling

A video is the most exquisite form through which you can communicate with your audience. The script should be brought to life with the skill of storytelling. Even if it is for a short duration, your consumers should be able to understand the introduction, body, and conclusion of the video. Think from the consumer’s point of view and include some emotional elements while shooting to appeal to humans’ humanistic nature. Most importantly, remember not to exaggerate the storytelling. You can keep it precise, entertaining, and fresh. This certainly helps you get positive responses from the consumers.

  • Casting

Casting plays a major role in breathing life into the fictional characters you have created. A good casting team will consist of actors who are apt for the role, have significant experience in the acting field, and connect with your target audience. These actors need to have a full grip on the video script to deliver exceptional performances. You can also opt to complete the casting process first, to help the writers do an appropriate fictional character design on each of them. There are many aspirational actors in the entertainment industry, so you need not worry about the casting process.

  • Tagging

When posting your video on different social media platforms, you need to use SEO tactics to gain traffic. Using relevant hashtags can increase the visibility of your video on a user’s search feed. The animation and motion graphics effect combined with witty captions and tags will surely capture their attention, helping the company’s branding process. Along with the trending hashtags, you can also tag celebrities and other relevant businesses to bring attention to your live action video. 

  • Make use of testimonials.

According to a survey conducted by Getbravo, the addition of consumer testimonials have an 89% effectiveness over users. You can leverage this data by adding a couple of customer testimonials in your video through various creative means. The optimistic feedback from genuine customers can boost your brand promotion. Casting real consumers to share their experience with your product can have a drastic positive impact on your sales. 

Your audience can connect and form a bond of trust with them. Furthermore, it also helps them build and feel a part of your brand’s growing consumer community. Inclusion plays a vital role in striking an emotional balance with the consumers on a personal level.

  • Teaching your viewers

Through a study conducted by Insivia, 95% of the viewers retain information while watching a video rather than reading the content. You can seize this opportunity to teach your viewers by enacting simple steps on how to use the product in your video. You can work on your illustrations to give valuable data about the product to persuade them to buy it. You can educate your audience about pressing matters and stereotypes in society through your video ad campaigns. This way, you contribute to the greater good of society and execute brand promotion.

Bottom line

Video content is going to rule over the content industry in the coming years. With the great potential in this field, a lot of companies have started investing in 2D animation, 3D animation, live action, and other types of video content. You can make videos in the form of a TV commercial or game trailer to spread your brand’s awareness. You can check out WAYPOINT as they produce a customized game trailer for each of their clients. They have a professional script writing and live shooting team that takes care of your needs from start to the end.

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