404 Page – Website Design

For the past couple weeks, I have been working with our web developer to create new content for WAYPOINT’s improved website design, which has just launched earlier this week. Our web developer is the content creator for the back-end design where as I create some of the assets for the front-end design. I am currently playing around with other images to add on to the creative services section, just so it will be consistent with the others.

I recently finished designing the 404 page, which, as always, needs to reflect WAYPOINT’s branding. So if anyone were to type in WAYPOINT’s website link, but all that shows up is the 404 page, then that is a sign the user has misspelled or is looking for a nonexistent WAYPOINT web page. Although WAYPOINT is a game marketing agency, the style of the brand mainly pertains to commercial airliners and airplanes.


Below is a screenshot of my progress in Illustrator. I made all of the shapes from scratch using different color/gradient settings as well as appearance styles and blending modes.

Illustrator process


Final 404 Page

Once I added in the text in Illustrator, I dropped it into Photoshop, used the 3d tool to get that angle shot, added a feathered black border, and blurred the letters (besides ‘404 NOT FOUND’).

I like how I can easily change the text without having to redo the entire design, so if we needed to create, let’s say, a Facebook ad or the cover design of a press book, all I really have to do is go into Illustrator and type in the desired text.