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Located in sunny Los Angeles, WAYPOINT is an award-winning video game creative agency that’s equipped to handle all Marketing Art and Collectible projects from start to finish.
With a passion for visual impact and rich experience WAYPOINT has over a decade of video game marketing assets under the belt making our campaigns resonate with passionate fans. We work on collectible items, video production, animation, live action, graphic design, key art, packaging, digital solutions, branding, promotional items, websites, and more. We’re a friendly group that’s passionate about what we do, and work in close collaboration with your development or marketing teams to deliver results. In 2018 we grew and began offering full 360 and strategy services. As Joe has a habit of saying: When your account manager isn’t emailing you back or your cousin couldn’t manage to finish the artwork, you’ll wish you had called WAYPOINT.

Our Work

Our Work

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Game Trailers

We know that sometimes static banners are not enough, and a full-blown live action cinematic is just too much. We can offer you a variety of new options through the medium of animation. Using 2D/3D motion graphics and CG animation, we can bring your stationary logos, graphics and adverts and adapt them for digital ads or social media content.

Collector's Editions

We believe that premium collector’s editions should be just as engaging as the games they are a part of. The team at WAYPOINT handles 2D concept ideations, mockups, 3D modeling, prototypes, pre-production samples and proofs, compliance and other testing, and managing all logistics to get it to your warehouse anywhere in world. Once your special edition is complete, we can also create promotional materials (unboxing videos, animated beauty shots) or set up e-commerce distribution on your game’s website.

Graphic Design

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to app store screenshots, a little screenshot enhancement and logo design never hurts. Our graphic design team can adapt your existing design to help your digital or print ads stand out in several channels. Whether you need a brochure for trade shows, a Facebook ad to recruit fans or a point of purchase sign to drive same store sales, comprehensive solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

CG videos

Video game user acquisition videos often-times don’t reveal much gameplay footage and are used to open the users imagination to what the experience of playing the game will feel like. WAYPOINT is equipped with teams both in Maya and 3ds Max.

Giant Statues

WAYPOINT  will bring to life (and size!) any game character or environment. Be it for a trade show such as E3, PAX, GDC, etc or the deserving lobby of your development studio. From concept to delivery we will anticipate and take care of everything.


Needs some custom metal coins to hand out? How about an inflatable spear? 10,000 of those in 3 weeks? Not going to happen. 8 weeks though… Be it glow in the dark shoe laces or 10 pairs of custom Beats ™ headphones we will come up with several unique and relevant concepts and take care of everything all the way up to delivery at your booth the day before the event.


About the project, it is highly praised by our team. The licensor passed the project in one week without giving any improvement guidance, which is never heard of before, considering the Japanese company is known as the most strict license provider in the world. 

Oasis Games

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the UK team, I think the logo represents the game really well and will look great in the various executions

505 Games

These are looking great.  I think the Premium Edition statue is probably the best one I’ve ever seen.  Excellent work. The biggest challenge is picking the best angle because there are so many!

Sony Playstation

Quick email to tell you that the controllers have met a very big success with the teams and the studio. Everyone and I, the first one, found the rendering very qualified. Well done!

Warner Bros. Entertainment

This made my adrenaline rush and makes me want to play the game. Nicely done!!!

TriplePoint PR

This is SO exciting! Thank you for pulling off miracles in such a short amount of time.  I am honored to be the one presenting this to Chairman Wang tomorrow.  Just brilliant!!  I hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we have with you - as we are looking forward to many projects together!!


As you may have noticed, Whac-A-Mole was featured by Apple today in the Games and Kids categories. We all really appreciate everything your team does for us. Please extend my thanks to the designers who worked on the screenshots, feature art and the trailer. Thank you all very much for being great partners!


a! awards WAYPOINT with the Award for Excellence in Design for their work in the video game industry.


Let's talk about getting people talking

Let's talk about getting people talking