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Founded in 2012 by gaming industry veteran, Sean Murrin, WAYPOINT is an award-winning video game creative agency that’s uniquely equipped to handle your marketing needs from start to finish.

We are based out of Los Angeles, California and cater exclusively to the game marketing industry. We focus on Video, Graphic design & Collectibles projects. We even handle the unexpected needs that may arise, like printing promotional brochures and signage, managing the interior design of your trade show kiosk or executing DVD replication for a unique press book. We already have connections with several vendors to seamlessly handle projects that not many boutique agencies can manage.

From logo designs to TV spots to point of purchase displays, we’ve seen it all. You’ve likely already seen our work without having known its true creator. We’re focused on the gaming industry so we can cater to the entire market because branding is as critical to indie devs as it is to AAA publishers.

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Our Work

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Links Press Kit

Video game press kits need to constantly adapt to trends, technology, and the gaming public. When it came time to do another influence kit for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, WAYPOINT decided to try a different direction.

Our Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Links influencer kit may not have a lot of items, but it doubles down on the impact and quality of its content. The centerpiece of the kit is a laser cut Stardust Dragon etched into a glass ball. When perched on the accompanying wooden base, the Stardust Dragon is illuminated .

The Stardust Dragon glass ball is presented inside a custom video box. The box features a full-wrap art and has a built-in video screen, complete with playback and audio control. Upon opening the box, the screen automatically plays the official Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Links trailer.

Konami sent one of these kits to content creator CyberKnight. His unboxing video captures his initial reactions to our press kit, and dives into all the content. Check it out for a close look at our Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Links press kit, and you can find more Yu-Gi-Oh content on his Youtube channel here.

Lionsgate Trailer

In creating this app store mobile game trailer, we handled the gameplay capture as well as the editing for multiple formats. In an action packed mobile shooting game like Deploy and Destroy, making a trailer means adhering to content guidelines for publishing to Google Play and the Apple App Store. We recorded footage that both showed off the exhilarating action gameplay and stayed within the regulations for app store previews. As the trailer goes on, we edited for the big reveal: the introduction of John Wick as a playable character. If you are having trouble creating an app store trailer for your next mobile game, look no further than WAYPOINT.

Slime Rancher Web Banners

Slime Rancher Web Banners

Static banners are an essential part to building modern and adaptable web pages. Banner images are often used for promotional video game campaigns or as the first section for your game company's website. To create a wide-reaching promotion game campaign, it is best to have a variety of different banners that all share cohesion while also showing off different aspects of your game's tone and art style. We created several static banners for Slime Rancher and we designed all of these banners to evoke the different aspects of the game. These banners were utilized across company sites and various social media outreach.

Life Size Chocobo Statue

Life Size Chocobo Statue

Giant video game statues are a hit at any expo, convention, or trade show. A giant statue stands out immediately, but our giant statues take it a step further than the rest. Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV marketing team asked us to design and fabricate a giant Chocobo statue. But it was more than just a statue; the giant Chocobo was an experiential installation where fans could climb on and ride the Chocobo statue for a photo opp. For this life size video game statue, we handled everything from concept illustrations, to physical production, and final delivery to the convention center.

Yu-Gi-Oh Anniversary Video

We created this infographic video to highlight all of the milestones and heights the game has reached around the world. Digital online card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links celebrated its first anniversary in early 2018 and we were pleased to be part of the celebrations. We’re looking forward to and wish the game further resounding success. The concept of the presentation involved the digital world projected by the “gate” element seen in the game’s universe.

We Happy Few Time Capsule

We Happy Few Time Capsule

Creating a video game special edition is hard enough, but distribution is another hurdle on its own. WAYPOINT designed, produced, and distributed a time capsule collector's edition for Gearbox's new title, We Happy Few. We included several themed collectible items that tied into the game's 1960's horror aesthetic. This included a vinyl soundtrack, propaganda posters, a plexi sign lamp, bobby mask, alarm clock, handbook, and sticker set. Once the time capsule was completed, we set up an online e-commerce shop. We processed orders and handled the shipping logistics for getting the collector's edition from the warehouse to every fan's front door. You can purchase the Time Capsule at shopgearbox.com

Konami - Star Wars Force Collection

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Konami approached WAYPOINT to create a new game app trailer for one of the biggest properties in the universe: Star Wars. The game, Star Wars Force Collection, is a card battle game that uses character cards in strategic battles between the Light and the Dark side. While flying through the depths of the Outer Rim, our trailer takes you through all aspects of the game from quests, PVP, co-op play, and collectibles. Visually, we showcased the different gameplay modes in the app, as well as the in-game cinematic animations. WAYPOINT was delighted to take on this video game app trailer for such a hugely influential IP.

The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game

Fantasy Flight Interactive tapped us (haha) to make a gameplay trailer for the digital adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game. Creating the Eye of Sauron seen in the opening shot is the sort task motion graphics artists love. Trivia: the processed voice is actually several voices played in reverse. Mostly guttural groaning, save for one Orc voice saying “Man flesh”. Galadriel narrates as the callouts imply the scrappiness of the Fellowship of the Ring and the organized terror of the forces of Mordor.

Cirque du Soleil Tour Show Booklets

Cirque du Soleil Tour Show Booklets

WAYPOINT designed a touring show portfolio consisting of several booklets for Cirque du Soleil shows, including AMALUNA, KOOZA, KURIOS, LUZIA, OVO, TURUK, and TOTEM. Each tour show booklet showcased a variety of show images blended into custom graphics that represent the theme of the show. Throughout the booklet, a variety of unique font designs and dynamic page layouts were used. In terms of content, these show brochures provided information on distinctive show elements such as the cast, crew, wardrobe and equipment. The show booklets also featured press reviews, fan reactions, and a look at the show’s unique promotional assets. The books are destined for digital (PDF) use as well as hardcover book binding as an excellent high-end leave behind.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

Custom video game peripherals are an extremely popular type of video game collectible. Our Mortal Kombat X custom PS4 and Xbox One controllers stayed conscious of the feel and design for each respective controller. We found creative ways to incorporate the unique aspects of each product: such as utilizing the PS4’s light bar or the Xbox One’s larger form factor. Although they can be difficult to produce, creating a customized gaming peripheral or accessory allows for unique branding for your game. Plus, gaming peripherals are long-lasting accessories that serve a practical purpose, making them perfect as game merchandise.

American Girl World App

Our animators brought the little ladies of Mattel’s American Girl World to life in this trailer for the new app. The lively music brings youthful energy to the montage. Each girl is tasked to show off particular aspects of the game to balance their representation in the video. With even use of each character and thoughtful selection of game footage, it is easily conveyed to the viewer all the important aspects of the game’s presentation and gameplay.


Creating the vGolf overview explainer video was a long process! Pre-production involved a lot of logistics: from location scouting golf courses to carefully constructing the shot list with the visual effects in mind. Our motion designers created all of the augmented reality video effects for the trailer: from the heads up displays to the virtual instructors. The WAYPOINT team also handled the live-action production as well as creating all of the video logo animations. If you have an innovative project on the horizon, reach out to WAYPOINT and we can create an in-depth explainer video for your project’s launch!

Konami - Metal Gear Survive Backpacks

Konami - Metal Gear Survive Backpacks

Our Metal Gear Survive backpack showcases a simple and clean 3D puff embroidery of the game's logo. We made sure to have the highest quality of embroidery possible for both quality and to make sure the logo is presented properly on a woven media.

When it comes to adding logos or images on apparel and accessories, it is important to consider the best imprinting method. 3D puffed embroidery is an extremely impressive method for adding logos to clothing, hats, or bags. However, it isn't suitable for designs with many colors or fine details. Other options include embroidered patches, heat transfer imprint, and many others.

When creating branded merchandise, WAYPOINT will always pick the best method to match your project. For more examples of branded merchandise, check out the rest of our website.

Smash Up

The launch trailer for the digital adaptation of the best-selling deck building game Smash Up deserved a bombastic trailer to honor the highly kinetic strategy you get from the game. The comic book-style branding of the property were expressed through the fonts, speech bubbles, half-tone patterns, sunbursts, and frames. Gleeful use was made of the hundreds of fabulous illustrations from the game. We can definitely thrive making things from scratch, but pre-existing material to work with is always a wonderful bonus multiplier.

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive

WAYPOINT is skilled in designing and manufacturing life-size cosplay weapons. Bringing video game weapons and accessories to the real world is incredibly fun and rewarding. Examples of life-size cosplay weapons we created for Metal Gear Survive included bows, hammers, gas masks, shotguns, and spears. It was tough to nail the gritty realism while considering the practical size and weight of cosplay items. Showcasing life-size video game weapon replicas at the next big gaming expo or convention can be an amazing promotion for your next game. They also serve as stunning decorations for your studio’s lobby or office.

Shadowverse Marketing Campaign

Shadowverse Marketing Campaign

WAYPOINT can utilize all of it’s skills to develop an integrated marketing campaign for your video game. This can include anything from social media videos, cosplay weapons for conventions, animated GIFs, swag and giveaways, printed materials and more. An integrated game marketing campaign ensures your video game is seen by a large range of consumers, and allows you to explore several different marketing options. Our Shadowverse campaign included everything from media content to a replica cosplay sword. When planning out your video game marketing campaign, WAYPOINT will consider which media and collectibles best meld together to promote your title.

Star Wars - Force Collection Contra Game

Following up our app trailer for Star Wars Force Collection, we created this app gameplay trailer for Star Wars Force Collection Contra Mini Game. The game stars Chewbacca in an homage to Konami's famous title, Contra, a 2D side-scrolling shoote. Set during the Battle of Endor and Battle on the Death Star from Episode Six, Chewbacca has a variety of different guns and weapons to use against the Empire's Stormtroopers, Death Troopers, and AT-ST's. Because of its drastically different art style and gameplay loop, we thematically linked the trailer to the original Force Collection title by using similar motion graphic transitions and design elements from our first trailer.


Our cinematic trailer-making abilities go beyond strictly video games. This was made for the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign video for Ivion, a collectible card game from Luminary Games. The visuals were entirely made from the beautiful art assets from the card game. Our motion graphics artists brought them to life in After Effects, employing parallax, particle, and distortion effects. The audio features Mr. Wayne June’s lovely medieval drawl. The narration and sound design blend well with the score which employed instrumentation which shifts with each moment of the video. Watch it and give that audio some special attention!



Here are multiple logo concepts we drafted for Project 1V1’s logo. Our video game logo concept designs strive for efficient branding through clever design and visually striking appeal. A logo is a huge part of your video game’s identity design, and it is important to choose the right creative agency for the job. We offer a diverse range of logos to try out different tones, visual styles, and overall impact. After deciding the best logo concept design for your project, we iterate many times until the logo is perfect. WAYPOINT is dedicated to creating a timeless logo that makes a strong statement for your project.

Bulletstorm Trailer

Our Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition showcases a story-driven gameplay trailer. When we create a story-based trailer, we carefully balance the narrative content with the gameplay footage. We select gameplay footage that compliments story being told and highlight the overall plot and characters. We also created several localized versions for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Localization for story-based gameplay trailers can be difficult, but we made sure the tone of the game’s narrative was perfect for each localized version of the trailer. Reach out to WAYPOINT if you need a narrative centered gameplay trailer for your next game!

360 Videos

WAYPOINT isn’t limited to traditional video game trailers. We often work create immersive 360 CG animation game trailers. 360 videos are a great and interactive way to pull an audience in. They allow your player base to experience the world through an immersive landscape. 360 game trailers are also better at realizing the setting and world of your video game. The making of the videos in this playlist consisted of rounds of storyboarding, character modeling, animatics, sound design, CG animations, and days of hard work! A 360 CG game trailer could be the best way to showcase your next video game.

Product Photography

Product Photography

Video game product photography is a key component when promoting your game’s merchandise. They provide a real-world look into the quality and detail of your video game swag. Our product photography takes several approaches for all items, including teaser images, individual showcases, group shots, detail shots, and more. We can adapt product photography into several other marking materials, such as website banners or print books. Having detailed product images for your game collectibles are also useful for internal records for games. We handle all video game product photography in our in-house photo studio at the WAYPOINT office.

Motion Graphics Kit

WAYPOINT has an outstanding video game motion graphics kit. Our motion graphics team can create logo animations, end cards, title cards, bumper animations, lower thirds, and more! Whether you need an intro card for a video game trailer or a studio logo animation, we can provide unique motion graphics tailored for your video game title or company. We have done motion graphics for hit AAA brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Injustice, vSports, and many others. A clean and smooth motion graphic for your title is vital for branding. Contact WAYPOINT to discover the full extent of our motion graphic services.

Bloons Monkey City Trailer

We created an animated trailer for Ninja Kiwi's The Bloons Monkey City. When creating trailers like these, we make sure the animated motion graphics match the art style of the game. This allows us to easily transition from the intro motion graphics, to captured gameplay footage, and back to closing animated end cards. Animated trailers for 2D mobile games easily lend themselves to creating animation motion graphics that blend seamlessly with the game's original art. Depending on the genre of your video game, an animated motion graphic trailer can be more effective than a gameplay or cinematic CG trailer.



More gadgets than batman's utility belt

Game Trailers

We know that sometimes static banners are not enough, and a full-blown live action cinematic is just too much. We can offer you a variety of new options through the medium of animation. Using 2D/3D motion graphics and CG animation, we can bring your stationary logos, graphics and adverts and adapt them for digital ads or social media content.

Collector's Editions

We believe that premium collector’s editions should be just as engaging as the games they are a part of. The team at WAYPOINT handles 2D concept ideations, mockups, 3D modeling, prototypes, pre-production samples and proofs, compliance and other testing, and managing all logistics to get it to your warehouse anywhere in world. Once your special edition is complete, we can also create promotional materials (unboxing videos, animated beauty shots) or set up e-commerce distribution on your game’s website.

Graphic Design

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to app store screenshots, a little screenshot enhancement and logo design never hurts. Our graphic design team can adapt your existing design to help your digital or print ads stand out in several channels. Whether you need a brochure for trade shows, a Facebook ad to recruit fans or a point of purchase sign to drive same store sales, comprehensive solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

CG videos

Video game user acquisition videos often-times don’t reveal much gameplay footage and are used to open the users imagination to what the experience of playing the game will feel like. WAYPOINT is equipped with teams both in Maya and 3ds Max.

Giant Statues

WAYPOINT  will bring to life (and size!) any game character or environment. Be it for a trade show such as E3, PAX, GDC, etc or the deserving lobby of your development studio. From concept to delivery we will anticipate and take care of everything.


Needs some custom metal coins to hand out? How about an inflatable spear? 10,000 of those in 3 weeks? Not going to happen. 8 weeks though… Be it glow in the dark shoe laces or 10 pairs of custom Beats ™ headphones we will come up with several unique and relevant concepts and take care of everything all the way up to delivery at your booth the day before the event.


About the project, it is highly praised by our team. The licensor passed the project in one week without giving any improvement guidance, which is never heard of before, considering the Japanese company is known as the most strict license provider in the world. 

Oasis Games

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the UK team, I think the logo represents the game really well and will look great in the various executions

505 Games

These are looking great.  I think the Premium Edition statue is probably the best one I’ve ever seen.  Excellent work. The biggest challenge is picking the best angle because there are so many!

Sony Playstation

Quick email to tell you that the controllers have met a very big success with the teams and the studio. Everyone and I, the first one, found the rendering very qualified. Well done!

Warner Bros. Entertainment

This made my adrenaline rush and makes me want to play the game. Nicely done!!!

TriplePoint PR

This is SO exciting! Thank you for pulling off miracles in such a short amount of time.  I am honored to be the one presenting this to Chairman Wang tomorrow.  Just brilliant!!  I hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we have with you - as we are looking forward to many projects together!!


As you may have noticed, Whac-A-Mole was featured by Apple today in the Games and Kids categories. We all really appreciate everything your team does for us. Please extend my thanks to the designers who worked on the screenshots, feature art and the trailer. Thank you all very much for being great partners!


a! awards WAYPOINT with the Award for Excellence in Design for their work in the video game industry.


Let's talk about getting people talking

Let's talk about getting people talking